ICC-SPPA (Skills Promotion for Poverty Alleviation) is started in 2002, focus on income generation activities with the poor families through partners (direct and indirect). ICC-SPPA has been finished at the end of 2009 will be localized to become a local NGO called Pioneering Partner in Cambodia (PPC).

There are three committed staff and one expatriate advisor is Mr. Herry to initiate a new local NGO. The three founders are Pisey LY, Phanna MER and Chanleap TUN, they are Khmer people.

Mr. Pisey LY has been assigned as a first Executive Director. He committed at least three years to work for PPC.

PPC is started in 2010. The name of the organization in Khmer is DAIKU NOAMPHLOV NOV KAMPUCHEA. PPC is a non-partisan, non-profit, faith-based non-governmental organization.

PPC is a new local NGO, registered November 24, 2009 with Ministry of Interior.

PPC’s logo comprises of a map of Cambodia with two deer and acronym PPC inside it, and DAIKU NOAMPHLOV NOV KAMPUCHEA (Khmer) and Pioneering Partner in Cambodia (English) are written on the right hand side. The two deer express the partnership between PPC and other organizations.

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