100 Challenge


100 Challenge graphicCambodia Action is looking for 100 people to make a financial commitment to support its work in Cambodia by a giving a monthly gift of £10.

£10 per month will enable Cambodia Action, as a charitable ministry, to continue in its support of our work amongst the marginalised people of Cambodia.

Cambodia Action mails out around 800 magazines, plus emails, per quarter to those who over the years have shown an interest in Cambodia. However, currently only 102 of those receiving the magazine actually financially support our general fund.

Financial support of our general fund has decreased by 20% over the past 5 years. This is unsustainable and this is where we are setting you a challenge.

£10 per month is less than 4 cups of coffee per month!!

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We recently sent you a newsletter outlining, “Why still Cambodia”. We trust you found this of value and interest. Minea’s story reassures us all that God is still about His business in Cambodia. He is still transforming broken and needy lives, by working through His people there.


The “Good Real Men” programme advised by our team members Zoran and Margaret Sulc plays an important role in the lives of men. Training and encouraging them to be good husbands and fathers.

£10 per month could help Cambodia Action support this work. Zoran and Margaret are sacrificially using their retirement years to serve the men and women of Cambodia.


Mlup Russey logo

Our team member Sarah Chhin, who is the technical advisor to a local NGO called M’lup Russey, has served the people of Cambodia for almost 18 years. She functions in an important advisory position with the Department of Child Welfare playing a vital role to bring reform in the child protection system.

“M’lup Russey Emergency Foster Care” places children in crisis into family-based care. M’lup Russey works with hundreds of children and young people, who live in 73 orphanages, as well as those who have reached adulthood and have had to leave.

The M’lup Russey team train and counsel young adults in life survival skills, enabling them to be ready for independent living and employment.

£10 per month could help Cambodia Action support this work.


Herry and Susie Herjantos, long serving team members, work sacrificially and diligently amongst rural area communities. Herry works as an advisor to PPC (Pioneering Partners Cambodia).

One of the arms of PPC is its “Bright Future” programme. PPC-Bright Future ensures marginalised children partake in daily nourishment, as well as providing education and school materials.

£10 per month could help Cambodia Action support this work.


Cambodia Action in the UK has taken vital steps to reduce its overheads over the past 6 years. Our UK team consists of one full time, Christopher Catlin. Our UK staff play a vital role in supporting the work in Cambodia.

£10 per month could enable this to continue. Please prayerfully consider whether you could join a Gideon’s Army of 100 people, by either increasing your existing standing order, or by coming on board as a new donor.

Your response to our appeal could ensure that the Lord’s work continues in Cambodia. Instructions on how you can join our Gideon’s Army of people, or make a one-off donation, is to be found here. If you are able to increase your already regular giving then please do this by personally contacting your own bank.

We thank you in advance for taking up the challenge and for our Gracious God for supplying our need.


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