Regular Giving

Regular giving is very helpful to us as it makes it much easier to predict the resources we are going to have available for doing. God’s work in Cambodia. The amount and interval at which you donate are set by you. We are grateful for all giving in this way.

Standing Order

To give regularly, you can use our standing order form. This instructs your bank to send us the set amount of money at the interval you select. Please download and complete the standing order form below. Completed forms should be returned to:

Cambodia Action Office, 120 Maisemore, Yate, BS37 8UW

If you pay tax then Cambodia Action could gain an extra 25% from your gift through gift aid. Please see details below.

Gift Aid


What is it?

We can recover an extra 25% on each gift to use for the spreading of the Kingdom of God in Cambodia. For every £1 that you give, the inland revenue service will pay out to Cambodia Action and extra 25p, this at no extra cost to you. More details about gift-aid can be found on the website here.

Who can do Gift Aid?

As long as you are currently paying tax in the UK then you can claim gift-aid/

How do I do it?

Setting up gift aid is very simple. Click here to download the Gift Aid form and send it back to us at this address. We will do the rest of the work.

Cambodia Action Office, 120 Maisemore, Yate, BS37 8UW