International Cooperation Cambodia (ICC) is a partnership of International Christian Mission and Development Agencies committed to working together to serve the poor and marginalised of Cambodia through a single, locally based organization since 1991.

ICC carries out relief and development work amongst the Cambodian people, in the areas of language development, family welfare, education, healthcare, food security, agriculture, income generation, leadership development and other activities that improve the well-being of people and communities around Cambodia. Whilst focusing on development activities, the spiritual objectives of the partners are met through the open Christian environment of ICC, the personal commitment of the overseas volunteers and the many nationals who are Christians amongst the staff. Several of the projects work directly with the national churches as one of their partners.

ICC models a unique approach to development, combining the experiences and resources of the following four international agencies to create one locally-based organisation. These current agencies are Interact- (Sweden) ; Normisjon- (Norway) ; SIL -(International) and Cambodia Action- (UK) ICC’s purpose is to serve the needs of the people and nation of Cambodia in the name and spirit of Jesus Christ.


ICC’s vision statement:

We want to see the least served communities in Cambodia transformed by God’s love to experience restored relationships, sustainable livelihoods, competence to make wise decisions and sustainable gospel witness.



ICC’s mission statement:

Together we enable the least served through enhancing knowledge, sharing skills, and +facilitating reflection.



ICC core values are:


  • Serving attitude through sharing love and forgiveness.
  • Cultural sensitivity: towards the local cultures and history of Cambodia
  • Faith based mind-set : in line with ICC’s vision and mission statement

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