Good Real Men June Newsletter

Good Real Men June Newsletter


The seeds of Good Real Men have been planted and are now growing

Here is an update from Deth and Zoran running “Boroh La-or Pit” i.e. the Good Real Men Project.

  • As we have shared in many places about the need for men’s ministry some individual  leaders have caught the vision and begun to lead their own men’s group Our good relationship with Far East Broadcasting Cambodia has deepened and we lead a men’s group with their staff, They have now requested resource material so they can create radio programs targeted at men.
  • We have completed Men’s Group Leaders training with one group in Kampong Chhnang province. This involved travelling 6 times to meet with them in Kampong Chhnang. When Deth was unable to travel they were so committed that they came to his home in Takhmau and stayed overnight to finish the training more quickly.
  • Two pastors from the Kampong Chhnang group have begun their own men’s groups.
  • The Men’s Leadership Training program with a second group in Kampong Chhnang province has just been completed. We are grateful for the 13 committed leaders.
  • We have recently begun training a group in Kampong Thom province – this requires Deth to stay 2 nights so we get the most value out of his travels.
  • We also plan to bring together potential leaders in Phnom Penh to give them the same program
  • We lead some group ourselves but we really want is to support men who will lead their own groups and train other leaders in future. In this way we will raise up men throughout Cambodia as they hear of us and ask for help.


What next…

  • We’ve been praying for a long time for the opportunity to reach non‐Christian men through men’s meetings in the provinces. Praise the Lord that during our recent men’s group leadership
    training in Kampong Chhnang, Deth had an unexpected opportunity to talk to a village leader. This went so well that they soon agreed to start a men’s group meeting in his house. He told us
    he would be responsible for inviting men to come. The Lord is at work  ‐  amazing!!
  • The men’s leaders in Kampong Chhnang and Kampong Thom provinces have so appreciated the that they are asking for more. So we are currently working on developing a Level 2 program in which we will help them to design lessons and programs for their own men’s groups.
  • We are currently in contact with church leaders in Kampong Cham to explore the possibility of start men’s group leadership training there.


Prayer Points

  • Pray for the trained leaders to now take steps to start their own groups. Pray that their faith will grow and that they will be bold in talking to men and inviting them to meet.
  • Pray for each group to have a core of committed men who share the vision for reaching other men for Christ, so that they are transformed.
  • Pray for the village leader in Kompong Chhnang; that he will stay committed to having a group in his home, and that the men’s leader there develops a good friendship with him.
  • Pray for Deth as he travels a lot, for safety and good health—and the same for his family, Marady and two young children. Sometimes he has to be away overnight.
  • Zoran and Margaret will be a way for a few months—pray for new Khmer men to join us so that the work of Good Real Men will continue to grow.
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